IT Solutions. Delivered.

  • Evaluate : During the evaluation phase, we get to know you and your environment. we holistically evaluates the existing infrastructure to better understand the impact of technology on the organization and its employees. We think this is a better strategy than defining deficiencies based on age of equipment or versions of software.
  • Plan : During the planning phase, we sit down with key stakeholders to illustrate how IT services can be an enabler of organizational success. What underlying IT issues are inhibiting growth? How can our solutions be transformed from a cost to profit center? We inform and educate as a foundation to cooperatively developing the forward thinking strategy.
  • Design :Based upon findings, the Design phase is about putting the pieces together into a cohesive and tangible IT services plan. This Services Plan will include pricing and details on all necessary upgrades, changes, and ongoing service offerings for consideration and evaluation. The goal of this phase is to ensure our approach aligns with business objectives and budget.
  • Transition : The Transition phase is about bringing the Services Plan to life in a managed and controlled way, ensuring downtime it mitigated wherever possible. Change control is one of the most important aspects of service delivery and we leverage enterprise grade IT automation tools to help ensure every aspect of our work is done accordance with best practices.
  • Operation : Delivering and supporting operational IT services is an important component of our business. ELITE IT has developed an extensive set of flat-rate and on-demand managed IT services that are combined to form a customized and sustainable solution set. We ensure your environment and investments are protected while keeping ongoing costs under control.
  • Improve : We regularly review our processes and procedures to ensure we remain aligned with the ever changing business priorities of our clients. Our focus is on improving quality, reducing costs, and improving effectiveness of our IT services wherever possible.

Who we are

ELITE Information Technology was founded in 2007 by a dynamic individuals, sharing a passion for perfection and providing optimal, innovative and reliable solutions and services . With a vision, focus and dedication ELITE IT is an organization that provides services designed for the client’s need with commitment on providing excellent customer service.

Our Company Values

Translating our technical strength into business value for our clients requires more than expertise and strategic alliances; it requires a team that thrives on understanding and solving problems. To cultivate this approach, and establish long-term direction, ELITE IT has developed a corporate vision and mission statement that communicates our core principles.

Our Vision

To enable excellence, by providing our customers with elite technologies and solutions

Our Mission

To provide state of art solutions and technologies, that empower us as the trusted solution provider in our market

Our Core Values

At ELITE IT we Value our Clients and Partners by focusing on proving only best of breed solutions and technologies , with a Commitment and Accountability towards our promises and services with passion and excellence , our team believes in knowledge sharing and values perfection through their assigned tasks , with our Management Support and promise to improve through well-defined Approach and Framework.

Our Approach and Framework is designed to ensure our services and solutions are aligned with our client expectations, business strategy and goals. The principals of this Framework is based on the experience and training of our employees and adherence to proper service management processis to ensure our clientele are positioned to take advantage of increased productivity and efficiencies inherent in the IT solutions we deliver.