Cloud Computing

With a tailored cloud solution you can decide on the level of control and security required, and which software or infrastructure applications are best pushed to the cloud versus those that are best served through more traditional means. This is what makes cloud computing so attractive, here is how we will start :

  • How the cloud solutions will fit in with your IT landscape and  business processes
  • Which cloud deployment models and service levels fit your business needs
  • How a cloud solution will integrate with your existing infrastructure
  • Risk assessments and governance, security and compliance issues

However, not all clouds are the same, and performance, security and reliability are all factors that determine which cloud solution is best for your organization. We specialize in helping companies transition from relying purely on their own infrastructure to benefitting from the cloud. If making the leap to the cloud is in your future, we can help you with the decision-making and set-up processes

Data Management & Protection

As you take advantage of storage technologies and opportunities for unlimited capacity, you also need a strategy that considers how the volume of data will impact your recovery requirements.

We work with you to develop a tiered data storage and management plan that prioritizes your information and backs it up in the shortest possible time. Our backup systems use a combination of vaulting, tiering, data de-duplication and archiving to maximize storage space and network speed.

Backups are a means to an end, and the end goal is to recover key information in the event of data loss. That’s why the most important element to implementing any new backup and recovery plan is to do a full assessment of your recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives. This means identifying what data you’ll need to recover, and how far back in time you need to go to resume normal operations.

Whether you’re struggling with multiple platforms, devices and applications, or wondering how to share your data and keep it secure – there are technology solutions that can drive your business forward.

End User computing

IT Strategy Assessments

  • IT Capability Improvement: Diagnose your IT infrastructure to create action-oriented output and drive continuous improvement. Our assessments are based on Innovation Value Institute IT-Capability Maturity Framework. 
  • Cloud Maturity: See how cloud computing services and platforms can contribute to increased staff productivity, agility, decreased costs, and a more mobile workforce.
  • BYOD Adoption: The disruptive nature of IT consumerization offers both opportunities and challenges for leaders. We simplify and provide practical roadmaps for effective Enterprise Mobility Management.


Business constantly requires to send  executives across town or around the globe, often at a moment’s notice. Even on personal time, executives must be ready to respond quickly when business calls. This kind of mobility isn’t an aspiration for the executive of the future. It’s a requirement for doing business today.

 Executive mobility helps high-value professionals put their skills and creativity to work more effectively, in more ways, to achieve the best results for the business. Also it helps companies and organizations to maintain business continuity during disasters or any emergencies circumstances

As a leader in mobile workstyle solutions, flexible ways of working, at ELITE IT we provide the mobility solutions to work, meet and collaborate anywhere inside or outside the organization, on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office—simply and securely. Organizations are able to:

  • Empower executives ,and employees to work anywhere using their own personal devices
  • Increase executive productivity by providing enterprise application access from mobile devices
  • Enable easy, secure file sharing for executives without introducing unnecessary risk to their organization
  • Improve collaboration for executives who are constantly on the move by providing online meetings with high-definition audio and video conferencing

Datacenter & Cloud

IT Operations

  • Software licensing assessment: How many licenses have you purchased, what software suites are your end users actually using, and is there a gap between what you own and what you need?
  • Application visibility and risk assessment: How much of your internet traffic is being used by non-business activities? Are you exposed to data loss from unauthorized file transfers – and if so, where?

Technology can solve a lot of business problems. As your secret weapon, it can give you a competitive edge where you didn’t see one, and translate it into more efficiency and agility.

Strategy, Planning & Architecture

Application & Desktop Delivery

With the new model of application delivery, you can provide your users with the software they need regardless of the hardware they have. Because none of the applications are stored on the devices themselves, no compatibility issues will exist with any operating system or device .while your data center will handle the heavy weight lifting , it can even send you your favorite operating system and your application with your data to any device .

Simply, Here’s how we can do it :

  • With Server Based Computing,the operating system is hosted on the end user device and the applications are hosted on a server in the datacentre. This is a common set-up for tablets and smartphones, which come with built-in operating systems that are often incompatible with corporate applications. Server based computing allows you to use the applications you want regardless of your operating system and device, without any compatibility issues.
  • Under Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI),both the applications and the operating system run in the datacentre and are presented on the device. For administrators, this means updates can all occur in a one-stop-shop and the data is all secure in the datacentre. For end users it means that they can access their data and applications from any device – whether it’s laptop at work or smartphone on the road.
  • With Streaming, users download only the tools and applications they want on an as-needed basis; the other applications live on the server, where they are accessible to users but not taking up space on local hard drives until they are required. Because only a single copy of the software is required, licensing, patching and updating are all simplified and less expensive to manage.

Server Virtualization

Virtualization is one of the key trends that impacts infrastructure and operations. It can help organizations reduce their server footprint, leverage under-utilized capacity and more effectively manage IT resources. As a result of a smaller server footprint and increased utilization, virtualization can help reduce your TCO and Increase your ROI, So if ...

  • Your organization needs more servers for development, test, production and backup environments, but your facility’s footprint can’t be expanded.
  • All of your organization’s current servers are reaching the end of their lifecycle simultaneously, and one-for-one replacement is not a viable economic solution.
  • Your servers are underutilized and because the applications you need are not compatible, you had no choice but to add additional servers – and now it’s become an unruly mess and a maintenance nightmare.

Then, the day has come for you to embrace server virtualization. There are many reasons to consider it as an option: high availability, quick response times, it’s easy to maintain, and a smaller environmental footprint is required. Even organizations that deployed virtualization solutions several years ago have found impressive benefits in reconsolidating their server farms.


Your network is the heart and soul of your business, but for security!  all devices, applications , data platforms even your archive can affect your business if it was breached

We help organizations take a proactive approach to vulnerability management and threat mitigation because when something is this important, you’ll want to protect it as best you can. Our security solutions provide you with the hardware, software and expertise to cover all aspects of IT security, including the perimeter, core, hosts, storage, applications and data. The solutions focus on eliminating risks both inside and outside your environment, such as:

  • Intrusion prevention, firewall , antivirus & VPN
  • Web & email filtering
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Encryption and authentication