Knowledge is power and no one knows this better than ELITE IT. We've made sharing knowledge an important part of our  offering to our customers. ELITE IT has complete training plans for both large and small businesses and it's our goal to provide training options through customized education curriculum that maximize and enhance the skills of the entire workforce.

Our well-developed, long-standing relationships with top industry vendors ensure we are providing the best available training solutions.

ELITE's Training Services work to expand and develop IT staff's technical certifications, software training and skills upgrades through custom scheduled courses designed for both one-on-one or group training. These courses may include:

  • Vendor-approved courses from Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Cisco and others
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundations and IT Service Management courses
  • Certified instructors available for onsite training
  • Extensive partnership with high profile training partners across the country
  • All training projects come with registration, student tracking and management.

We also provide a full report on class progression, classroom rentals and the technology equipment necessary

IT is the backbone of every industry, but to keep it running you need staff to support it. Hiring, training and retaining technical talent with the hard and soft skills necessary to support users is a challenge for companies today, as is keeping up with the training and certifications needed to manage the diverse technologies. This holds true for organizations of all sizes. Our Technical Staffing and Managed Services offerings help organizations overcome this challenge. Certified technicians, advanced tracking systems and ITIL based, ISO backed processes ensure high-quality service for your end users and customers.

Think of us like a library for IT staff, with the different skills and technology path, that your organization requires :

       • Software development  • Database administration  • ERP implementation  • Training  • Network & infrastructure  • Project management
                           • Quality assurance  • Technical writing  • Desktop analysis  • Helpdesk support  • Business intelligence  
                                                                             Data warehousing • Systems analysis

Our professional technology consultants are the thought leaders who help simplify the business of technology. They are professional problem solvers capable of advising you on how to use technology to give you a competitive edge. How do they do it? It starts with a conversation. Some customers come to us with a specific pain point, such as a technology challenge; others are interested in how to use technology to better enable their business. Regardless of the starting point, we’ll dig into the underlying requirement and architect a solution, and provide a forward-thinking plan that provides options to achieve your objectives.

Our consultants are highly trained technology specialists in the industry. Between ongoing technology training, and their continuous involvement in multiple, diverse, technical projects, they are constantly learning and evolving the skills that they are able to bring to each project. Engage them at any stage of your project:

  • To evaluate a specific business requirement and the technology options to consider
  • To design integrated solutions that pull multiple technologies together
  • To implement the solution and integrate it seamlessly into your environment
  • To support and troubleshoot complex implementations and keep them operating at optimal levels

Whether your project is focused on the overall operation and optimization of the datacenter, or on a specific product from Citrix, Microsoft, Veeam and Kaspersky . Or a solution like cloud or end to end virtualization project, we have experts ready to assist.

 Professional Services

A good partner can do more than just fix, repair or order technology. With the right toolset and experience, a good partner can not only fill in the gaps but also deliver insight along the way.

A project can take many forms. You can research, plan and resource the project yourself from start to finish, bring in the experts to complete it, or something in between.


 Support & Maintenance

Our Services per Technology


Since IT budgets remain constrained, the typical IT department is lean, making the implementation of business transformational projects challenging. Don’t let strapped IT resources compromise your organization’s speed-to-market and ability to grow.

ELITE IT Technical Services can augment any IT team, making them more responsive in supporting the technology infrastructure. We offer flexible service levels and response times for any type of IT task like scheduled or on-demand maintenance, change management services, upgrading systems or software and preventative network monitoring services.

ELITE IT has acquired unmatched technical expertise. We’ve developed best practices and methodologies to help a company maximize its network performance, ensuring the reliability of computers, operating systems and software. By keeping systems up-to-date through support and maintenance activities, ELITE is able to restore any network right away

Our marketplace experience gives us the necessary skills to provide tailor-made support and maintenance services to meet any organization's needs, such as:

  • Providing professional project managers to ensure projects are completed on time
  • Streamlined management of installations, moves, add-ons, changes and de-installation
  • Flexible and adaptive service agreement